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Because all of our kids are Picasso’s in the making and because the fridge manufacturers of the world don’t take this into consideration in their designs, I would like to share a few ideas with you on displaying your little cherubs’ masterpieces. Alternatively you can invest in a cold-storage room that should have ample space for the gallery!

For an ever changing canvass, you can’t go wrong with a blackboard application. What kid doesn’t want to draw on the wall? You have to love the practicality of this arrangement, although I am not sure that every kid will put all the pencils back. But it’s still amazing what you can do with some blackboard paint, a couple of other bits and pieces and my all-time essential DIY tool – the staple gun. The pencils and paper are simply being held in place by some elastic that was stapled to a piece of timber, which in turn was screwed to the wall. Since my favourite Swedish home store is not in South Africa, you’ll have to be a bit creative with the paper dispenser. But I suspect that a kitchen roll holder will do just as well.


This combines a blackboard with a gallery wall – makes sense, since your kids can’t reach very high up the wall anyway. Ideally you want to make this a feature wall in your house (you have kids, so you might as well flaunt it!). So instead of hiding it in the bedroom / playroom, utilize any small available wall or even a piece of the corridor for your kids to show off their talents. Unless they really are terribly ungifted, but I highly doubt that.


If you are the REALLY proud type and your little Monet’s work really is just too good to hide in some random corner of your house, then by all means create a full-on gallery for them in the most prominent space in your house. It will definitely be a talking point – my mom displayed our childhood artworks until recently when we removed them by force.


Cool Magnetic Sliding Door. contemporary kids
image courtesy of shelly gardea

 Now while I understand that not everyone has a massive sliding door in their home, what I love about this image is the fact a dark back ground has been utilized to emphasize the pictures. Lovely. And if you really like the idea, there are ways around it: paint a block in a dark colour to create your background and then screw steel strips (around 20mm wide, spaced 400mm apart) vertically to the wall. It will create an interesting linear pattern, plus you can fix the artwork with magnets without having those fatty marks that Prestik leave.


image courtesy of project nursery

Another clever idea for bunting: we do it for Christmas cards, so why not for pictures?

Happy Decorating!

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