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I grew up with a house full of baskets. Lots of them. And while the days of filling them with dried flower arrangements are hopefully gone forever, baskets can be super useful if you apply your creative mind. With the great collection of inexpensive baskets available at Mr Price Home (featured above) you can achieve any number of looks. Here are a few simple ways to use your decorative baskets to their fullest potential.

11Mail basket—instead of tossing your unread mail on the closest flat surface you can find, place a pretty basket on a table, counter top or desk to hold the mail until you can get to it. This not only looks nicer, but it keeps your mail all in one place so you don’t risk going into that frantic search for that one piece of mail that you are sure you left in that place where it obviously isn’t anymore. This pretty arrangement from Mommy Decorates.

basket-tray-kitchen-countertop-display-white-herbs-storageKitchen helpers—baskets are awesome additions to your kitchen. Use them to hold your leftover condiment packets from fast food purchases, or put small packets of sweeteners and creamers in one next to the coffee pot. Place a tall sturdy basket within reach of the stove and fill it with your most used utensils. Baskets also make pretty holders for napkins and rolled silverware; choose one that fits your table decorations and leave it right on the table. If you do it right, it can look really pretty llike this one from Nook & Sea.

potatoesonionsgarlicstorage8And this arrangement from Martha Stewart is just stunning – love the practicality of the peg board background!

justthebeesknees_diy_rolling_book_basket_01Magazine and book container—give each family member a decorative basket to hold their magazines and books. It keeps it off the floor and if it’s clearly marked there can be no confusion as to what belongs to whom – a very important factor if you have kids! Also great for homework and craft supplies as it can be carried around the house to where it’s needed! Love this DIY wheeled wire one by Makezine.

windowboxbathroomstorageBathroom organizers—use baskets to keep hair brushes, accessories and combs in one place. Another great idea is to fix the basket to the wall to use as a shelf for light-weight items like towels and toilet rolls. Thisbeautiful installation from Our Fifth House.

Basket-with-remotesHome entertainment holders—if you have trouble keeping track of TV and gaming remotes, use baskets to keep them all in one spot. Place an attractive basket on your coffee table and toss all the gadgets in it. To make it easier for hubby, label it clearly: REMOTES 😉 From Recipe For Design.

What do you use baskets for? Send me your ideas so that I can add to the list!



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