Providence Cottage: From Garage to Guest Accommodation on a Budget

At long last, the cottage on the farm is done! I have been working with a team of builders, contractors, handymen (and not-so-handy men) and a throng of other people over the winter to get this tired old cottage ready for the summer tourist season in the Franschhoek Valley. Here’s how I turned a garage into a guest accommodation on a budget.

providence cottage

This is what it looked like before we started. The 50sqm extra-length double garage had been hastily converted to a garden cottage about 7 years ago. Since then, not much was done to the place. The bathroom was atrocious, the kitchen rotten, and the rest was in dire need of paint and repairs. But as always, I see opportunity where others see despair!

Here’s What We Did!

1// The Bathroom

providence cottage

spectacular bathroom makeover


The bathroom was the first project on our list. It was a transformation of epic proportions and the results are just gorgeous! Click here for the full post!

2// The Kitchen

providence cottage

tiny kitchen

tiny kitchen

Next up, was the kitchen. We really only built in a small kitchenette as the restaurant offering in the valley is outstanding and we doubt people will come here to cook their own food. None the less, it is equipped with enough to prepare a meal. Click here for the full post.

3// The Windows

providence cottage

The windows offered another challenge: the views around the cottage are very pretty, but the light can be very bright and in summer, the heat needs to be blocked out as well. Click here to see how we resolved that.

4// The Living Room

We bought the coffee table and side table from a discount furniture store; the sofa was a second-hand one with a loose cover one that we had redyed; all the accessories we bought at the end-of-season sales. The animal hide rug is on loan until we have made enough money to invest a bit more!

providence cottage

This Ikea Chair was an online second-hand find.

We kept the colour scheme really simple and neutral, with lots of textures.

providence cottage

I just love this little bench – also a treasure from a hunt around the used furniture store.

providence cottage

5// The Dining Room

providence cottage

The dining is definitely my favourite part of the project. I bought the used chairs online for R150 each. The table was new and the console table came from our local second hand furniture store. I indulged in the cost of the table lamp but saved the money when I made the glass jar chandelier and round studded mirror.

round studded mirror DIY

6// The Bedroom

providence cottage

The room is very small, so I chose to have a floating shelf with a hanging bar for clothes for short-term guests instead of a wardrobe. The luggage stand below provides an additional storage surface.

providence cottage

We have a huge affinity for proteas on the farm, so when I saw this cushion, I knew it had to be incorporated! I found that mirror for R250 at Sheet Street – what a bargain!

providence cottage

We made little glass jar night lights for the bedroom as well. It’s a really simple and inexpensive way to add light and save space over a nightstand!

The whole project cost R88,135 (including sponsors) and when you keep in mind that we started with an empty shell, I am quite pleased! That works out to a complete overhaul (including all building materials, labour, electrical and plumbing work, furniture, all kitchen equipment and utensils, bed linen, towels and cable TV) at R1,763 per sqm. I hope that this project has inspired you to do something about unused space that you can turn into an income-generating asset for you and your family. I’d love to get your feedback on this renovation – let me know what you think!

Happy Renovating!

This project was supported by Tile Africa and Builder’s Warehouse, Consol Glass, and Finishing Touches – and for that, I am so super grateful! Now, it’s up to Airbnb to get it occupied!



Super Easy Round Studded Mirror DIY

For our Cottage Renovation project, I wanted to have a round mirror to hang above the console table in the dining room. Our budget was seriously pushing red though, so I had to choose between buying a table lamp or a mirror. Knowing I could make a cool mirror, I bought the lamp, a pre-cut round mirror, and got to work! If you have a little spot that could do with something über trendy, then this round studded mirror DIY is for you!

You will need:

round studded mirror DIY

  • Mirror (buy one pre-cut or have one cut at your local glass shop)
  • Chipboard circle, cut to 10mm bigger than the mirror.
  • 4mm Hardboard, cut to 50mm strips that are long enough to go around the chipboard circle.
  • Chipboard screws
  • Matt black spray paint
  • Double-sided foam tape
  • Brass upholstery tacks
  • Metal to metal adhesive
  • Brass chain or leather strap – I was going to use the chain and then I remembered that I have an old belt laying around, begging to be used!


//STEP 1

round studded mirror DIY

Use the chipboard screws to fix the hardboard strips around the perimeter of the chipboard.

//STEP 2

round studded mirror DIY

Spray with the matt black spray paint (always spray in a well-ventilated area or outside).

//STEP 3

round studded mirror DIY

Fix the upholstery tacks around the perimeter, equally spaced. To cover the chipboard screws, cut the pin from the tack and fix over the screw with metal to metal adhesive.

//STEP 4

round studded mirror DIY

Fix the leather strap to the frame with the brass tacks.

//STEP 5

round studded mirror DIY

Fix the mirror to the frame using the double-sided tape. I used 2 layers to create some added depth.

Now, look at yourself in the mirror and smile!

Happy making!


Chandelier DIY with Consol Glass – and a massive sale!

As part of the cottage renovation that we’ve been working on for the last 2 months, Consol glass asked me to create something exciting using their glass products. Glass is such an amazing product to work with: it is free from harmful contaminants, it’s reusable and recyclable giving it a great green thumbs up, and it is inherently beautiful. Glass is something we literally use every single day and something that we might sometimes take for granted. While glass jars are great for storage and more recently, for serving trendy drinks in, we were in need of an impressive light fixture above the dining room table more than anything else. And so I set out to create a fun and contemporary light fixture with some electrical cord and Consol jars. Here are the step-by-step instructions for my chandelier DIY with Consol Glass – and remember that Consol has their REDHOTSALE from 28 Aug to 09 Sep so you can get these jars for a steal!


You will need:

consol glass chandelier

  • 8x 500ml Consol Jars with screw lids
  • 8x 1.1m 2.5 cabtyre electrical cord in black *SEE PRO TIP
  • Matt black spray paint
  • 8x black light fittings
  • 8x golf ball lamps
  • Electrical series connectors
  • Large ceiling bolt with plug
  • Hook with nut (length to match the height of your little bucket)
  • Small metal bucket to use as a ceiling cup
  • Hole saw to match the diameter of your light fittings

* PRO TIP: The light should hang around 80cm above the table, so in this specific dining room, the total length of the chandelier will be 1m. Add 10cm to each cord to give you some room to play with.


STEP 1 //

consol glass chandelier

Carefully mark out the center of each lid and drill a hole using the hole saw. Use pliers to press down any rough edges and to slightly adjust the size of the hole if necessary – it has to fit the light fitting snugly.

STEP 2 //

consol glass chandelier

Spray the lids and allow to dry.

STEP 3 //

consol glass chandelier

Wire a piece of cord to each light fitting.

STEP 4 //

consol glass chandelier

Make 8 equally spaced markings on the bottom of the little bucket and drill holes for the cords to go through.

STEP 5 //

consol glass chandelier

Drill a single hole in the center of the bucket and attach the metal eye, securing the nut underneath.

STEP 6 //

consol glass chandelier

Spray the bucket and allow to dry.

STEP 7 //

consol glass chandelier

Thread the cords through the holes and get the electrician to connect them to each other so that you end up with a single cord to connect to the power point in the ceiling.

consol glass chandelier

consol glass chandelier

STEP 8 //

consol glass chandelier

Attach the hook to the ceiling, connect and hook your chandelier in place.

Switch on and admire your work!

Happy lighting!




4 free printables that will wow your guests

Kari from Lovilee shared this gorgeous post on guest room printables. Click here for the original post!

About four years ago we renovated and moved into our own home and I’ve loved personalizing it with distinct pieces, making it warm & homey, more personal and more ‘us’. We absolutely love having guests over which usually coincides with visits to the mountain, delicious food & great conversation. It’s important to me that our guests feel at home, free to make coffee for themselves & get comfortable and there’s no easier way of doing this than prepping the guest room & bathroom for them, adding thoughtful details & fresh linen.

free guest room printables

This month is all about bunnies on the blog and it’s no secret how much we love this theme. To me it was the perfect opportunity to create thoughtful details to add to the guest room, which includes a welcome card, water bottle labels, a do not disturb sign & a card for the wifi password so our guests know how special they are to us – all designed by Lieflingkind. I’m so excited to be sharing these designs with you today & know that you’ll love the bunny details as much as we do.

We kept to a cool grey-blue and gold coloring, meaning these free guest room printables will suit most rooms and all of the seasons. These are simple to create, easy to display and perfect for hosting your guests over the upcoming Easter holidays (or any time of the year really). Pop the cards into frames, add a couple of midnight snacks in jars and you’ll be a memorable host in no time at all.

You’ll need

  • Downloaded guest room design, printed onto A3 cardstock (download them from the original post here)
  • Art knife & steel ruler
  • 500ml water bottle
  • Two 15 x 10cm photo frames in colors of your choice (we recommend gold, white or a wooden texture)
  • Glue gun

To make

  1. Cut out all the printed elements, using the crop marks in the corners as your guides. Be careful not to cut too far past the crop marks.
  2. Once cut, add the Welcome & Wifi Card to the frames and display on a bookshelf or dresser. Feel free to play around with different sizes/designs for the frames to keep it interesting.
  3. Add the Water Bottle labels to 500ml bottles using your glue gun & place the bottles on the side tables.
  4. Cut the Door Hanger Tag out according to the thin grey lines & hang at the back of the door.

Have fun spoiling your guests & be sure to let us know if you have any tips and tricks of your own!

How to create a tiny kitchen on a budget

Some of you may have followed my bathroom renovation adventure but what you maybe didn’t know, was that the project doesn’t just stop there! We have a cottage on the farm that has been a long-term rental since we moved here 6 years ago. People have come and gone, but we never really spent any money on upgrading the place. When the last tenant moved out, my neighbour and partner in this endeavour, Cate, and I decided to convert the spot to a luxury cottage that we can rent out on Airbnb. It was in quite a state, but always the optimist when it comes to interior spaces, I let my imagination run wild and set out to create this tiny little kitchen on a budget in the Winelands. This was, of course, easier said than done, so I enlisted the help of a few suppliers who were more than happy to jump on my renovation band wagon.

The results are slowly taking shape around us, but I hope to show you our fully furnished, fully kitted out, rental-ready cottage by the end of this month.

To call this a cottage when you look at these pictures is a bit of stretch. Basically, this used to be a double garage adjacent to one of the houses on the farm which was then converted to a very basic 1-bedroom cottage before we came along. The bathroom was really the worst feature and the biggest challenge which I set out to sort out first. The kitchen was also horrible, to say the least. The cabinets were rotten and the layout left a lot to be desired, so we just pulled everything out and started from scratch.

tiny kitchen

And there it is! I have to admit that I am so pleased with the result. It’s light and bright and really quite spacious. We will probably add an island a bit later, but for now, it works.

tiny kitchen

Builders Warehouse was really keen to get involved with the kitchen, and so I set out to my nearest store to pick out the materials. They do these really simple white flat-pack kitchen cabinet units which you can use to configure your own kitchen. Considering our tight budget, they were the perfect choice for the project.

tiny kitchen

For the countertop, I chose a Woodland Postform – it has the look of butcher block with the virtual indestructibility of engineered wood: scratch resistant, heat-resistant, and stain resistant.

tiny kitchen

I am quite proud of the shelves in this little kitchen. I am always appalled by the cost of shelving, and because I wanted 2 rows of shelves to cover the whole 3.5m length of the wall, I decided to design them myself. Our trusty farm handyman/gardener/Jack of all trades, Titus, made these brackets one morning, and they came out beautifully. Click here to download the drawing!

tiny kitchen

I used 22x44mm pine battens for the brackets, 16x220mm laminated pine shelving and an 8x44mm pine cover strip for the down stand. A quick white stain allows the wood grain to show while making the shelves beautifully light. I really love these shelves and they came in at a fraction of the cost!

tiny kitchen

tiny kitchen

The small Franke drop-in sink matched with the Isca sink mixer is all that you need for a little self-catering space like this.

tiny kitchen

These brushed brass pendants work very well with the overall design and are positioned in such a way that they will be hanging over the island, providing task lighting.

tiny kitchen

Given the proximity of some of the Cape’s best restaurants, Cate and I realized that guests are unlikely to roast a leg of lamb or bake a cake, so an oven is really not necessary. They might want to fry up an egg or 2 the morning after a night out, so we added a clever little 2-plate stove top just in case. Add to that a basic bar fridge, kettle, and toaster and you’re good to go! And because we’d like to really make it convenient for our guests, we also installed a dishwasher and washing machine. It’s the little things that count!

tiny kitchen

And here’s a clever trick: if you have an old property with unsightly cables and things, just hide it behind pretty accessories! (There’s a horrible electrical box behind that bright bread bin and jug 😉

Builders Warehouse kindly supplied all of the building and plumbing materials used in this project. Get 10% off your online purchases with the voucher code SAVETEN until 20 August!

Happy renovating!

Make a DIY captain’s mirror with a tray, some lids and a pie dish

I inherited a pretty metal tray from my Gran a few years ago. I have never actually used it, and keeping it as a tray stashed away next to the fridge seemed like such a waste. So when Ideas Magazine asked me to come up a mirror project, it was immediately clear to what the tray’s ultimate purpose in life was meant to be: it was supposed to be a beautiful mirror! So I gathered a few other odd, unused items, got my drill, and got to work on my DIY captain’s mirror!

A note on the frames: Any metal object with a thin edge can work, provided it is at least 10mm deep. I used my Gran’s metal tray, a pie dish, a brass plate and a couple of old metal lids. Try to get a combination of shapes and sizes for your collection.

DIY captains mirror

You will need:

  • A collection of metal items that you can use as frames.
  • Brass and steel chain (whichever finish match the frames best). We used roughly 50cm per frame.
  • Spray paint (we used matte black)
  • Key rings
  • Mirror hooks
  • 2mm pop rivets and a rivet gun
  • 8mm metal drill bit and a 4mm metal drill bit
  • A mirror for each frame. We cut ours to roughly 10mm smaller on all sides than the frame.
  • Double sided foam tape

Before you start, choose which frames will have chains, and which will have a mirror hook. 


DIY captains mirror

Step 1: To add the mirror hook to the back of the relevant frames, mark the position of the hook with a marker. It’s easier to mark and drill the holes from the inside of the frame, otherwise you risk denting the frame.

DIY captains mirror

Step 2: Using the 4mm drill bit, drill the holes from the inside of the frame. Then use the rivets and rivet gun to secure the mirror hook on the outside of the frame.



DIY captains mirror

Step 3: To attach the chain to the relevant frames, use the 1.8mm drill bit to make small holes in the frame’s edge.

DIY captains mirror

Step 4: Thread the key rings and chain through the holes. Don’t be too concerned with the length of the chain at this stage – you can always adjust it later if necessary.

DIY captains mirror

Step 5: Spray those frames and chains that do not match your collection.

DIY captains mirror

Step 6: Use 2 layers of double sided foam tape to fix the mirror to the frame. The extra height will ensure a beautiful shadow gap around the mirrors.

Easy as that! To determine how you want to hang them, lay them out on the floor or a table until you’re happy with the configuration. You can also cut out templates and stick them up on the wall with Prestik to make sure you get it right.

Happy DIY-ing!

This post was originally done for IDEAS Magazine.


A spectacular bathroom makeover with Tile Africa

Over the last 5 weeks, I have been working with Tile Africa and a troop of builders to transform the grimiest bathroom imaginable into a spectacular bathroom sanctuary for weekend guests. As with any building project, we went over budget, over time, and ran into a series of problems that we couldn’t foresee when we started out. But now when I look at the result, all of those challenges are forgotten. The new bathroom is even more amazing than what I saw in my mind’s eye. Here’s how we did it – you can also get the full video series of the makeover here!


spectacular bathroom makeover

When I said that this was the grimiest bathroom in the world, I wasn’t exactly exaggerating. This 1-bedrooom cottage on our farm was a double garage that was converted to additional housing 6 or 7 years ago, and it doesn’t look like there had been any maintenance since. I had no idea why there was a pipe in the corner of the shower – or how it came to look the way it did. But I was going to find out!

spectacular bathroom makeover

The garage was originally adjacent to the outdoor toilet of one of the main houses on the farm. During the renovation, the wall between that toilet and the garage was knocked through and a small area walled off to make room for a shower. That did, however, mean that there was a terribly thick wall dividing the already tiny space, making it dark and depressing. I knew from the beginning that the wall had to go!

A couple of hammers and grinders later, and we had opened up the space to create a blank canvass of 3.8sqm. That’s where the fun began!

The lovely Carol Koopman at Tile Africa in Paarden Eiland was most helpful when it came to choosing the materials. Tile Africa has the Find Your Happy Place Quiz on their website, so even if you don’t quite know what you’re looking for it will guide you through a series of questions and provide you with a shopping list at the end – one-stop shopping at its best!

spectacular bathroom makeover

My style is definitely Vintage Romance! I had put together a basic look and feel that included light, natural wood, marble and white tiles. Carol quickly saw my vision and expertly helped me to pull it all together.

Tile Africa Bathroom Makeover Project Sample Board


I chose Metro White Gloss Ceramic Tiles for the walls and the most gorgeous Patchwork White Mosaics made from recycled glass for the floor. White grout makes the walls look seamless while grey grout accentuates the pattern on the floor. The darker grout is also a sensible choice when it comes to cleaning!

spectacular bathroom makeover

spectacular bathroom makeover

Just a quick note about showers: I really dislike shower doors that open outward. There is almost no way that the floor remains dry with that design, so I always choose sliding doors for a shower. The Clyde Chrome Corner Semi-frameless unit is perfect for the space and ensures that the floors stay dry.

spectacular bathroom makeover

spectacular bathroom makeover

The taps are quite something! These super sleek pieces are by Vado and are manufactured in the UK. You can get them exclusively from Tile Africa. Their simple lines are very trendy and complement the rest of the fittings perfectly.

spectacular bathroom makeover

There is so much to say for a shower head: some people love a rain shower, while others prefer a power shower. Luckily, our bore hole and water pressure on the farm allows for a decent massage, while the slim square shower head supplies plenty of rain-like drops.

spectacular bathroom makeover

Because of the lack of space and layout restrictions, I was very concerned about the type of handwash basin we’d be able to get. The moment I saw this cute little unit though, I was sold! The Philly Coimbra Floating Cabinet with matching mirror and shelf look like it was made for this room. It’s compact, contemporary and has a lovely wood finish that adds warmth to the white tiles.

spectacular bathroom makeover

The toilet posed one of the unforeseen challenges on this project. Once everything was tiled and ready for the fittings to be installed, we realized that the existing waste pipe wasn’t able to connect to the new Orion Close Couple Suite toilet. We had to move the toilet forward by 200mm to allow for the new waste pipe to return, which meant we had to create a box behind the toilet. In the end, it was a blessing! Now we have a little shelf for guests to place things on, which is going to come in very handy in this small bathroom. Click here to download the septic tank notice for FREE!

spectacular bathroom makeover

spectacular bathroom makeover

Croydex chrome accessories ensure that towels, toilet paper, and other utilities are close at hand while looking great.

spectacular bathroom makeover

I added a few little touches, like this copper basket to keep the toilet paper in. It’s practical and the reddish metal also adds warmth to the room.

spectacular bathroom makeover

spectacular bathroom makeover

PRO TIP: to keep a guest bathroom always smelling fresh, place a reed diffuser on a shelf or window sill! That way, a delicate fragrance will always fill the room.

spectacular bathroom makeover

spectacular bathroom makeover

The bathroom is amazing, so now the rest of the cottage has to catch up! I will keep you posted on our progress over the next few weeks. Subscribe to my YouTube channel for more videos and our newsletter to keep you in the loop.

Happy Renovating!

The materials for the this project as well as this post was sponsored by Tile Africa.

Dad’s DIY Guide: How To Measure Windows Correctly

In most homes, DIY projects tend come down to Dad over the weekend. But trying to juggle career, family and responsibilities – while doing things with little help except for little curious hands – can be difficult. To help save some time, we’ve put together this handy guide on how to measure windows for blinds, rods and tie backs. (Don’t worry Dad, we won’t tell anyone that you read a manual!) These guidelines are the secret that will help you to choose the right tools for the job and create the perfect window dressing.

You will need these tools:

  • Drill
  • 5mm masonry drill bit
  • Ladder
  • Measuring tape
  • Star-pointed screwdriver, or a star-bit for your drill/driver)
  • Pencil
  • Spirit Level

Home Deco

1. Measuring for Curtain Rods

Measure the inside width of the window. Rods should extend 10-20cm beyond the window on each side. Measure the height according to your existing or new curtain height. Usually, this will also be between 10 – 20cm above the top frame of the window.

Ideas for Creative Home Decor

PRO TIP: If you have really high ceilings, but your windows are not very high, you can install the pole high over the window the help correct the proportions.

how to measure windows

2. Measuring for Tiebacks

Tiebacks should be installed approximately 1 metre from the floor, on the outside edge of the curtain.

3. A note on Finials

Ensure there is enough space for your chosen finial at both ends of the rod. If space is limited, consider an end cap finial instead of something that protrudes.

4. Measuring for Blinds to be installed INSIDE the window recess

Check that nothing is protruding into the recess where the blind will hang (i.e. burglar bars)

  • Measure the inside reveal width
  • Measure the inside reveal drop

Amber Interiors

5. Measuring for Blinds to be installed OUTSIDE the window recess

  • We recommend 10cm overlap on each side of the window
  • We recommend 10cm overlap on the top of the window
  • A blind can comfortably sit on top of a window sill where one is installed. Otherwise, a 10cm overlap on the bottom edge is also advisable.

6. Cut out blinds

  • Measure the width between the tiles
  • Measure the drop of the tile itself
  • Measure the width of the tile itself

Some handy hints when measuring your windows:

  • Always use a metal tape measure as plastic and cloth tapes may stretch. Even 5mm can make the difference between a good fit and a bad one!
  • The saying goes “Measure twice, cut once”. It is definitely advisable to measure more than once. Measure left, middle, right or top, middle, bottom.
  • Also keep in mind that as much as builders try, windows are not always straight and level. For inside a recess, use the smallest measurement, and for outside, the largest.

Finishing Touches can always help you with your installation because they realise that dads also need a break! Just give them the correct measurements you took while using these guidelines above, and they will install your window décor in time and on budget.

It can be our little secret gift to you on Father’s day….

Happy Father’s Day to all those amazing dads out there!

NOTE: this post is sponsored by Finishing Touches.

Infographic elements from Shutterstock.


Awesome gifts for the man of moment on Father’s Day

Mother’s Day always gets a lot of attention here at the Bruwery – my lovely husband makes such an effort to make the day extra special. So when Father’s day comes around, I am always really keen to show him the same courtesy. Gifts don’t have to cost money though, so here are 5 gifts that cost, well, almost nothing!

Gift #1: Breakfast, of course! 

My man loves bacon and eggs. And while this is the most traditional of breakfasts, there are numerous ways to jazz things up. Here’s a quick recipe that the kids can make themselves (under supervision if necessary!), ready to serve when Dad wakes up.

Bacon & Egg Cups

Ingredients: (Serves 4)

  • 8 eggs
  • 8 pieces of bacon (Joey will argue that there is only 1 kind of bacon: streaky. Without the fat, it’s just smoked pork.)
  • a handful of grated cheddar cheese
  • Salt & pepper to taste (remember that both the cheese and the bacon is salty, so don’t overdo it!)
  • Paprika
  • Fresh parsley


  • Preheat the oven to 180°C.
  • Grease 8 holes of a muffin pan.
  • Line those holes with a piece of bacon.
  • Break and egg in each lined hole.
  • Sprinkle with salt, pepper, and grated cheese.
  • Bake for 20 minutes, or until the egg is cooked to your liking.

Sprinkle with paprika and chopped parsley, and if you want to be fancy, serve with a dollop of créme fraiche on each egg cup. Goes gloriously well with buttered toast and a cup of steaming hot coffee on the side.

And now for the vouchers! You can download these vouchers HERE and print them at home.

1. Sleep in Voucher

As any parent with young kids will tell you, sleep is something that we said goodbye to in the delivery room. And while our kids are thankfully now at an age when our nights are calm (except when they’re not well), our days start before 6am without fail. This Extra Snooze Time Voucher entitles Dad to a couple of extra hours, while you and the kids prepare breakfast.

2. Massage Voucher

Let the kids jump in and pamper Dad a bit with a foot rub, back rub or neck Massage Voucher. If you plan it well, you might convince them to work the knots out of your neck as well while they’re busy!

3. Movie Night Voucher

A lot of guys really love movies where cars crash after people get shot while jumping off buildings and breaking things. I don’t really see the point in them, but it’s nice to give Dad some guy time with a full-blooded, wild and crazy Action Movie Voucher. Let him choose the Sunday night movie – without guilt or consideration, and if you do not agree with the choice, climb in the bath with a glass of wine and a book while he watches it. Add a bag of his favourite popcorn and a snack to keep him company while he’s indulging.

4. Five Moments of Peace and Quiet Voucher

Everyone needs peace and quiet sometimes, and these Moments of Peace and Quiet Vouchers will give Dad a few hours off when he needs it most. Valid for 1 year, he can choose to spend it whichever way he wants to, even if it is to get out of something he doesn’t feel like doing (like a kiddies birthday party!).

I hope you spoil the Dad in your life this Father’s Day – goodness knows, they deserve it! And remember, Dads like flowers too 😉

Happy Father’s Day!

Laundry Organization Tips and Free Printable Cheat Sheet

Are you good at staying organized? Or, like me, do you need a little help sometimes? One of my least favourite chores to do is the laundry. So, to help you (and me!), here’s a little guide for a few laundry organization tips, including a DIY for making your own pretty re-writable board.

Laundry Organisation tips and free printable cheat sheet

These re-writable boards are a great way to add organization to any room of your house. They are prettier than white boards but serve the exact same purpose. You could even add one into a gallery wall if you like.

How to make your own re-writable board:

It’s honestly one of the simplest things to do. All you need is a frame of your choice and the background that you want to use. For your laundry, you can download this cheat sheet (download link found below), or for any other room in the house, you can use a pretty piece of paper or fabric.

Remove the backing board from the frame, leaving the glass in front. Place your new background into the frame, close it up with the original backing board and get writing straight onto the glass. Be sure to use a whiteboard marker and not a permanent marker though! When it’s time to change your to-do list, chores, shopping list or doodles, simply rub it off with a tissue or cloth and start again on a clean slate.

Laundry Organisation tips and free printable cheat sheet

As an added bonus, I’ve thrown in this shopping list and meal plan printable. You can either pop this into a frame too or simply print out a few and use it for your weekly planning.

Both files are included in the download here.

Laundry Organisation tips and free printable cheat sheet

Small Laundry Organisation Tips:

While it is important to keep yourself organized, it is also important to keep the physical space that you are using organized. Most people are confined to a relatively small space to do their laundry, but there are many ways that this space can still be used well, helping you to keep it organized.

  1. Use wall space for storage. Whether you use shelves or cupboards, make sure to utilize the space that is available on the wall.
  2. Separate the space by adding a curtain or folding doors. This allows you to hide the laundry away when not in use.
  3. Have a fold-out hanging rack, or a rack that hangs from the ceiling. It is not always possible to hang clean laundry outside to dry, so adding a rack that doesn’t take up precious storage space is very useful.
  4. Use small containers or baskets to keep like items together. This makes it easier when going through the laundry process, as everything you need is easily accessible.
  5. Don’t let the laundry build up. Having too much laundry is not only likely to make you want to procrastinate even longer, but it will also make a small space cluttered and difficult to use. To be efficient with electricity and water, don’t wash very small loads, but be sure to wash your laundry regularly.

Laundry Organisation tips and free printable cheat sheet

What are your favourite laundry organization tips or tips for organizing the rest of the home?

Happy organizing!

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