Colour dipped pillow box with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint®

®Isn’t it lovely to finally find a good use for empty toilet rolls! I love recycling and if I can do it creatively, all the better.

®Turn your cast-away toilet rolls into little pillow boxes in a few easy steps and finish them off with a dash of color.

I have used Annie Sloan Chalk Paint® in Provence, Antoinette and Louis Blue (this is my favorite combination from our Christmas 2014 palette). Remember to enter our fabulous competition with Annie Sloan!


Step by step

1. Take the empty toilet roll and remove all left over traces of glue and paper

2. Push it flat so it’s got folds on both sides

3. Create half moon shapes by pushing in the top 1cm of the sides towards the center of the roll

4. The sides must overlap so the contents of the box doesn’t fall out


Finish it off

Do these folds for the top and the bottom of the roll so when done it resembles a pillow. Hence the name!


Color dipping

I have folded the pillow box first and then unfolded it to color dip. Post-dipping folding is easier if there are folds to work with!

Simply take the roll and dip it into the first paint colour (we have used Louis Blue here). Let it dry and then dip into the second colour (Antoinette).


Leave to dry and then fold again on the folds you have created before and voila! All done.


These pillow boxes are great for jewelry or even seed packets as gifts!

Happy styling,

margaux 200px

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