Design: what is your style?

I would love to say that I am one of those designers whose house is littered with design classics and carefully curated pieces. In fact, I fully aspire to be that designer. You know, the interesting collection of chairs, the carefully placed one-of-a-kind ceramics on the shelf, the vintage print and designer lamp. I recently went to an ex-colleague’s house and thought, WOW. Now this is what a designer’s house should look like.

Marlene 1 – Johannes Siemensmeyer. Via Superbalist.

But, I am not that designer. In fact I have had many clients over the years ask me what my style is, to which I always vaguely reply that it is still to be defined. Eclectic comes to mind, but that is such an overused and under-defined term that it really doesn’t mean much. I have a few priceless antiques standing next to vintage finds. 1950’s designer chairs around the family heirloom table from the mid 1920’s. I have recently received my first print that now sits proudly on my desk underneath some black & white travel photos, which hangs opposite a well-known artist’s work. We also have A LOT of Asian influences in our home. My bedroom is kind of French-inspired and the kitchen is cottagy. Oh yes, and the carpets. We have a thing for persians, dhuri’s and all manner of knotted and woven floor coverings.

Now when you put it like that it really does sound like a design disaster. But every piece in our home means something: it was Joey’s grandfather’s or my parents’ or we bought it when we I got my first bonus all those years ago. A mother’s day gift to remind me to always re-invent myself and memories from our back-packing year. And somehow it works, it has personality. And the beauty of it is, it is such a dynamic space exactly because it doesn’t conform. Nothing prevents me from painting the dining room black and the kitchen red and turquoise (this is not a hypothesis, by the way!). And in my kind of work, that is essential: that freedom that comes without restrictions. So what is my style, you ask? Brave. Deliciously brave. So go on, try something new; I dare you!

 We’d love to get your feedback on what your style is. And if you don’t have one, don’t worry – maybe you’re deliciously brave too!

Happy decorating!

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