DIY stamped crockery

This is a lovely and very easy DIY. Why not personalize your crockery with a stamp or monogram?

I will admit that I have a bit of a stamp fetish! My collection has taken over an entire box and has the most amazing designs and fonts that I’ve collected over the years. I even have  few custom designed ones that I’m very proud of but this crown has always been one of my favorites.

Together with hording stamps I also can’t resist beautiful crockery. To the point that my husband started packing away extra plates, mugs and platters to make space for food in our kitchen cupboards.

The crockery I’ve used in this DIY I bought on sale for next to nothing a few years ago and combined with the stamp icon, I believe they might just make their way back into the kitchen!

This is also a great gift idea.


Cheap as chips! I think I paid about R9 per bowl and R5 for the mugs a few years back on a big sale from a local retailer. They are glazed but it didn’t make any difference in the final product as the ink and Podge can handle glazed surfaces.


My beloved crown stamp and midnight blue ink pad (permanent ink – very important).

Simply dab your stamp on the ink pad and test on paper to see if you need to dab more or less ink on it to get the desired effect.

Place the stamp in the section you want to stamp and try not to move it around while applying pressure on it. On glazed surfaces this is tricky but if you’re gentle you will get it done without difficulty. Don’t stress if you have a bit missing on a little section or get it smudged – the overall look will be slightly distressed and simply adds to the charm of the piece.

Leave it to dry properly!


Visit your local arts and crafts shop and buy a glaze that can be used on ceramics and be baked in your home oven. I found a large variety but decided on the CPG (Ceramic, Porcelain, Glass) Podge. It was easy to use, not messy and dried to a clear glossy finish.

Give the section over the stamp a layer of Podge  and leave it to dry. Then you can add another three to four layers allowing each layer to dry completely before adding the next one.

Read your Podge instructions carefully as different makes have different methods.


Bake your bowl, plate or mug for 60 minutes on 90 degrees Celsius with the door of the oven slightly open.


And that’s that! You have a beautiful personalized piece of practical art that will be sure to impress guests.


I was truly thrilled by the final result – now you give it a go!

Happy styling (and stamping)


Get more stamp inspiration by downloading our e-book The DIY & STYLING issue where we show you how to stamp floors, tiles and gift paper.

If you have any comments or feedback, please do so below or email me at I’d love to hear from you.

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