DIY Teepee Play Tent

I have done so many posts about the virtues of a tent, and I have even made a tent for my nephews before we had kids. But one morning I woke up and decided that today is the day that my kids will have a tent. And we’ll call it The Library {a quiet place for reading – which by now has also doubled as a hiding place, a nap-space and a space-ship}. Here is a step-by-step tutorial for my DIY Teepee Play Tent.


A traditional 5 sided teepee with a bamboo wigwam frame is more difficult to construct {and maintain constructed!} than a 4 sided suspended version, so I opted for the latter.


I used 2.5m of striped fabric, folded in half, to cut the triangles out of. You will end up with 2 big triangles and 4 smaller ones. I used 35cm strips of a different fabric that will make up the lower part of the tent with a 2cm denim trim between the 2.


The big triangles will form the sides. 2 of the small triangles are stitched together along the straight edges to form the back. The remaining 2 will remain separated to create the entrance {pulled back in the drawing above to show the back panel}.


I double-stitched all the seams, both because it makes the seam stronger and also because it creates a nice detail on the outside of the tent.


Just stitch the seam as you normally would, press the seam flat on the right side of the fabric and then make another stitch about 5-10mm from the edge on the right side of the fabric.


I sewed a strip of denim along the vertical straight edges of the “door” that ties in with the trim between the 2 main fabrics. IMG_8131-467x700-watermarked


The lower part of the tent is perfect to tuck under some floor cushions or a mattress.


I threw in a couple of soft pillows just to make it extra comfortable.


I opted for a pulley-system {secured to a beam through the ceiling board} so that we can comfortably adjust it for washing or maintenance.


The other end of the rope is secured to the door frame with a brass hook – high enough so that little cannot reach it!

IMG_8094-467x700-watermarked (1)

I little black board announces it’s intended function – in case it was missed! And of course very few things in my house happens without bunting!


The kids love it – both

their dad and I were invited to the library last night for story-time. It was a bit crowded, but we managed!

Happy playing!

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