DIY Valentines Date Printable – Free download

Simply print out these valentines date printables for your own DIY date at home

Every year the question comes up: “What are we going to do for Valentine’s Day?” Maybe you’re the type to plan far in advance or you’re that couple who suddenly realizes that it’s Valentine’s Day TOMORROW and you have no plans. Restaurants get booked out, babysitters can be expensive and, well, maybe you just don’t feel like going out. Your Valentine’s Day can still be great by having a special Valentine’s date night meal at home or packing a little surprise picnic basket. Use the free Valentines date printable available below to add a special touch to your day!

Simply print out this valentines date printable for your own DIY date at home

Simply print out the files and fill them in. You will need two A4 pages to print it all. Use a variety of colours if you’d like to add some more colour to the spread.

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Valentines Date Printable Menu:

There’s nothing wrong with simply taking your normal meal and packing it up as a picnic in your garden or eating it at your table, but if you’d like some other picnic ideas have a look at the the ones below.

Simply print out this valentines date printable for your own DIY date at home

Starters: Crackers and cheese, mini frittatas, crudités with hummus

Mains: Grilled chicken salad, sushi, quiche and salad, stuffed lettuce wraps

Dessert: Chocolate dipped strawberries, fruit salad, chocolate mousse, mini cheesecakes or even a good cup of coffee with these valentines cookies.

Compliment cards

Included in the pack is a set of seven compliment cards. Too often we don’t tell our loved loves how we feel about them or what we enjoy doing with them. Valentine’s Day (along with any other day) is the perfect opportunity to let them know what you think.

Simply print out this valentines date printable for your own DIY date at home

Valentines Date Printable Card:

Use the simple card to add in your own personalized message for your date.

Valentines Date Printable Wrapper:

Use the wrapper included to help make a box of chocolates, bottle of wine or other small addition fit in with the rest of your date.

Simply print out this valentines date printable for your own DIY date at home

Do you enjoy Valentine’s Day? What is your favourite Valentine’s Day memory?

Happy Valentine’s!

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