Dressing the Jungle Ship

The ship was moored but yet without sails, so we got to work and made her some!

Bamboo poles were rigged as a mast (cable ties and rope did the trick!) and an old basket serves as the crow’s nest. Because everyone knows you can’t have a pirate ship without one of those. We tied some cotton sash cord to the horizontal bamboo booms to stabilize it, and then tied the sails to them.

Dressing 2

Simple fabric rectangles with some ribbon ties look lovely and festive.

dressing 3

Margaux painted an anchor on the bow with some enamel paint – because every ship has to have one of those too.

Dressing 1

The ultimate prop though has to be the rope detail – Margaux spotted this very thick worn rope around a tree on the farm and it really just completes the picture. VERY handy to have a professional stylist around!

Dressing 4

A simple steering wheel was made with 2 circles cut from solid timber, 6 short dowels and 6 small door knobs. Remember to add washers to the bolt when you install it so that the wheel will be able to turn freely. And another handy tip: to keep the little knobs upright while they dry, stick them into small pots filled with sand or soil.

dressing 5

Now, don your hat and set sail, Mates: the world is your oyster!

Dressing 6

Happy pirating!

germarie 200px

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