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For years I have been searching to define my own decor style. I bought a load of books, almost broke the internet and kept visual references to figure out exactly where I fit in.

After all the research I found out that rather than defining my style, I should have just blurred the lines and embraced all the different styles I like and mix them into my decor style.

I would like to share three styles I’m particularly fond of: Retro, Romantic and Minimalist. Take what inspires you from each style and mix it into your decor.

Retro revival

I love celebrating good design from eras gone past. The lines and color combinations of retro style really excites me.



retro3 cocorosetextiles

Mini minimalist

My secret wish is that I could live more minimalistic. Having room to show off some beautiful pieces and a hall of a lounge to dance around in. Maybe one day …


minimalist2 cocolapine


Hopeless romantic

I love adding a bit of romance to my interior style. It plays on all the senses. Scented candles and flowers, lace and soft velvet, fairy lights in all forms and vintage items for a bit of nostalgia.




If you have a bit of time and want to play around, why not try this quiz from Houzz? It’s loads of fun!

Happy styling,

margaux 200px

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