Hand printed gift wrap with empty rolls and Annie Sloan Chalk Paint

My cat loves playing with empty toilet rolls as they make a sound and move and that’s all she needs. Finally I got a good use for them as I’ve always wanted to explore different DIY options with them.

Early next week I will share another splendid use for the toilet roll cast away by turning it into a pillow box.

For this project I have used Provence and English Yellow from the Annie Sloan Chalk Paint® color palette that you can win in our fabulous competition! Enter 


You will need:

Empty toilet roll | Unprinted newspaper | Annie Sloan Chalk Paint®


Step 1:

Shape your empty toilet roll into a heart by giving it a bend at the top to form the two lobes and a pinch at the bottom to form the point. How sweet is this? I love it!


Step 2:

Paint even spaced blocks with your Annie Sloan Chalk Paint® in Provence (the color not the place – unless you happen to be there of course!). Let it dry.



Step 3:

Dip the edge of your heart shaped roll into Annie Sloan Chalk Paint® in English Yellow and stamp in on the blocks that you have just painted. Try to make it interesting by not doing them all dead straight but one or two just a little twisted.


Step 4:

Color dip paraffin lamp wick by diluting a bit of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint® in English Yellow with water. Submerse the wick and let it soak before you hang it up to dry.


Step 5:

After I did the heart I just couldn’t get myself to toss it away … so I incorporated it with the color dipped wick so the receiver of this gift can also use it as a stamp – the gift that keeps on giving!


I simply made two holes through the sides of the heart and threaded the ribbon through. Voila!

Happy styling,

margaux 200px

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