tennis-ball-chair Sometimes I find something that is just so super cool that I can hardly contain myself. Enter the ulitmate in recycling: the Tennis Ball Chair by artist Hugh Hayden from his Funature range. It’s such a fantastically simple design that, like most awesome things, that I wish I had thought of it first. I haven’t been able to find the distributor, but either way it looks like a great MIY* challenge. Watch this space! funature-ed011{Also comes in a pool-ball version}

prod_129081 The wunder bike: The Wishbone Flip Ride-on Rocker from Post Industrial Design. It’s a rocker that has flip-down wheels that turns it into a bike. prod_129101LOVE IT! It’s super green – made from 100% reforested birch ply and the company is certified carboNzero  – and will entertain your child from 12 months through to 5 years. That said, to land it in SA will cost you around R3,600 (it sounds a lot better if you break it down to R900 per year or R75 per month over 48 months!) so this is definitely more of an investment toy. Or a design indulgence!

And then I am not entirely sure how I feel about this little invention personally, but I can see the creative merit in the design: the Baby Mop by Better Than

The+baby+mopMarketed as a fun “clean-while-you-crawl” onesie, the site lists all the very logical reasons why everyone with a baby needs this suit {saving on paying to have the house mopped for instance}. If anything it will protect little knees from getting hurt while crawling on hard floors! And if some polishing occurs, so be it. They do ship internationally, and this little baby {excluding the baby} can be yours for a mere R44o. It does make for a pretty interesting outfit!


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  1. Why did this Granny not think of such a wonderful idea to have my kitchen floors cleaned, when the grand children visited?

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