One Potato, Two Potato

The new veggies seem to have survived the week, despite an active squirrel-squad and little feet that has no regard for plant life.

As promised in my last garden-post, I labeled the produce with very cute little painted craft sticks. I bought them from the local craft shop, and painted them in some left-over green paint, writing on it with a permanent marker. Remember to spray over a translucent varnish to prevent the ink from running when the sprinklers go on.

The one thing that I haven’t yet attempted, is the humble potato. I’ve seen how they’re planted in a bag of compost and decided it’s the perfectly super-easy and mess free way to get my spuds going.

I used some old potatoes that have started to sprout, made some holes in a bag of manure mixed with sandy soil, popped them in… and now I wait.

Looking forward to making my hubbies favourite potato salad in a couple of months!

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