Organic Printing: Playing with Plants

Using unexpected tools will give you unexpected results – you can quote me on that! We have printed with some pretty interesting things here at Homeology before, but I wanted to see what I can do with leaves from the garden. And as always, Nature didn’t disappoint!

dragged and twirled


Using the whole flower as is, or cutting through a few of the leaves and using them to create little patterns both work really well. I even used the flowers to created a dripped effect on paper – perfect for gift wrap!

pressed flowers

drip dry


A leaf has such a fantastic pattern to print with. Just roll some paint onto either the front or the back, and press against the desired surface. I discovered that the area I used to paint the leaves made a magnificent reverse pattern as well: it’s almost like I used the leaf as a stencil!

print and stencil


And then things got a little crazy and I wanted to see what I can do with a Delicious Monster. I have to admit that I am curiously excited to try this on a VERY big wall surface. Anyone willing to offer their living room for a Homeology experiment? Send us an email here!

monster printing

Happy Playing!


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