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I love an organized space as much as the next person, but desk organizers are usually quite boring plastic vessels. Saying that, I was in desperate need of something that would work on my desk, because I also often have to completely clear my desk to use as a work bench. And getting all the bits and pieces off it usually frustrates me followed by a self-slap on the wrist for not having a desk organizer.

So today I decided to do something about that. I still have A LOT of my little wooden boxes – I’ve had them for 6 years, they were stashed in a corner of our old house when we moved in – and until recently I didn’t have a clue what I was supposed to do with them. I have by now used them as a little ledge and a key holder, and very soon they will also be turned into table decorations. But today I realized that one of these little boxes is actually quite a handy size for stationary and other random things that are laying around on my desk.

IMG_9550 (567x850) - watermarked

So using my favourite ikat gift wrap and a couple of sprays of glue later and I have a lovely and neat box of goodies that will take my no time at all to cart around.

IMG_9573 (850x567) - watermarked

Little glass jars inside keep everything grouped and I even put in a succulent for a bit of green.

IMG_9574 (850x567) - watermarked

And doesn’t it look lovely!

“But I don’t have a secret stash of random wooden boxes of unknown origin!” I hear you say – and this is true. But any box will do, even a cardboard one. Or you can buy a hard board box from a craft supply store like PNA and cover it with paper. Easy.

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