Sensational Seafood Tikka Masala for a quick summer supper

seafood curry

My wonderful husband is an awesome cook. So much so, that I have tried to convince him to take over kitchen duties on a regular basis. But while I am waiting for that to happen, I will happily eat whatever he dishes up on the weekend. He is a very adventurous cook as well, making things up as he goes along – mostly with fabulous results! Usually, tikka masala is made with chicken, but since our Veganuary has now turned into Vebruary as well, he decided to try making it with seafood. I am happy to report that it was a great success! Tikka Masala is not hot at all – it was mild enough for the kids to enjoy as well – so if chilli does not agree with your constitution, fear not! The ingredients and method are so straightforward that you can quickly throw this together for a weekday supper.

Seafood Tikka Masala

You will need:

  • 1 packet of tikka masala spice paste (this is the lazy version, but you can also make your own by using this recipe here)
  • 2 cloves garlic, finely chopped (this is optional, but we love garlic!)
  • 1 small onion, finely chopped
  • vegetable oil for frying
  • 2 tbsp tomato paste
  • 1 cup cream
  • 500g frozen seafood mix
  • Jasmine rice, lemon and coriander for serving

Let me just stop for a second by saying something about rice. In Asia, the rice aisle in the supermarket is like the bread aisle in a local shop: the variety is amazing. We were spoilt for choice when we lived abroad so when we came back and found such a limited selection; it took us quite a while to find a brand that we enjoyed. Jasmine rice is a South East Asian rice variety, while Basmati is the traditional rice to be eaten with Indian curry. I much prefer Jasmine over Basmati, that’s why I’m using it here.


  • Put on the rice* – this is going to be quick!
  • Heat the oil in a large saucepan and fry the spice mix for a couple of minutes.
  • Then add the garlic and onion and sweat it until it’s cooked but not going dark – about 5 minutes.
  • Next, add the tomato paste and cream.
  • Reduce the heat and put the seafood mix into the sauce, cooking it according to the instructions on the packet.
  • Serve the curry on a bed of rice, sprinkled with fresh coriander and a slice of lemon on the side.

*For some added flavour, cook the rice in vegetable stock!

Happy Cooking!

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  1. I was fortunate enough to share in that meal and can confirm it is not hot (which is something I do not like at all) and had amazing flavour. Well done swaerie, I am definitely going to try it soon too…

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