Ten of my favourite blue things

Today’s post is a very personal one as I’ll be sharing ten of my favourite blue items from my home.

Some I use in a variety of different ways, others are just beautiful and then there are some that are very close to my heart for their nostalgia.

1. Jam jar ribbon collection

I have had this jam jar for probably most of my styling career and still love the fabric I’ve used to brighten up the lid. It was a swatch and the perfect size to just fold around the round part that slips in underneath the screw-on ring.


2. Blue nerd specs

I bought these blue specs from the bargain bin at TYPO and feel very hipster when I wear them. They have also served me well as a styling item as they are great combined with a stack of books.


3. New old world charm

This distressed ceramic jug and heart set was bought at a deli close to my house called Klein Joostenberg. It lives in my bathroom and adds a little old world charm to the space.


4. The flower without a name

This flower (I have no idea what it’s called!) was planted in our garden when we moved in six years ago and blooms almost all year round so it always ends up on my coffee table when I have the urge to brighten things up a bit. I also use herbs and olive branches if I feel like a more subtle center piece and used single stems in three vases to create this look.


5. Honeymoon dress

I wore this dress on the first day of my honeymoon and simply love the print. I’m thinking of scanning it in and doing something interesting with it for our home. I always want to be reminded of those blissful days!


6. Little China

This is my favorite Chinese supermarket find to date! I bought a box full of these bowls in different sizes and have used them 101 different ways. They make the perfect sauce bowls for dinner parties and can be placed at each setting as individual servings.

I have grouped a whole lot of them together as a center piece and added tea lights to some and a bit of water and flowers to others. The little rice shaped specs you see on the sides are transparent so the candle light shines through beautifully.

To me they are the Chinese version of Delft and should be treated with just as much respect even though they only cost R4 each.


7. The borrowed book

I got this book called “Hollands Glorie” on my mother-in-law’s bookshelf. It was bought by my husband’s Dutch grandparents on their boat trip from Amsterdam to Cape Town in 1948. So special!


8. My blue kitchen locker

This very handy kitchen locker was a gift from my very good friend and photographer Christo Lotter for babysitting his two boys. Thank you Christo, it still has a proud place in my home.


9. Pretty tin square

The funniest thing about this tin square I bought at PEP Home for a steal is that it was the first thing I noticed in Germarie’s kitchen when we first reconnected again after 18 years! She’s got a few in red. Great minds think alike!

She had them up on her wall as a splash back and it was beautiful. I use mine to serve drinks and snacks on or as an under plate for a center piece.

Unfortunately PEP Home don’t stock them anymore – terrible, I know! If I knew they would sell out so quick I would’ve bought the whole lot.


10. Little blue bird

I bought this little ceramic blue bird at my local PNA craft shop just because it’s the most beautiful thing to look at and I knew it would make a great picture. So here it is!


I hoped you’ve enjoyed the post.

Happy styling,


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