The Indoor Herb Garden

Cooking with fresh herbs is an absolute essential in The Bruwery. This did however become a problem when I realized that my beautiful little veggie patch is about 10 metres from the uncer cover patio. I am all for running around the garden with Wellies and a raincoat, but having a small window sill garden will also be great!

You’ll need a container or some pots with drainage holes, pebbles to put in the bottom, good potting soil, and plants of course {see below the list of good indoor herbs}. And the most important thing: SUNLIGHT. You’ll need between 6 and 8 hours of direct sunlight for your herbs to flourish. A north-facing window {in South Africa!} is perfect.

Use a spray bottle twice a day to keep the plants moist and if you live in a dry area it’s also useful to put them in a shallow tray with some pebbles and water for extra humidity.

A super easy way to get rid of little pests, is to spray your plants with some dishwashing liqued. Just make sure to wash them before you use them!

Wait for your plants to be well established before you start harvesting them {usually 4 – 6 weeks from seed}, and then never cut more than a quarter of the plant, waiting for regrowth before you cut again. So if you have a specific favourite, be sure to plant a few.

Growing your plants from seed is a super educational activity fo the kids, but you can also just buy a selection of plants at your local nursery. They can also provide information on food for your plants.

* Basil
* Bay leaves
* Chervil {French Parsley}
* Chives
* Origano
* Parsley
* Rosemary
* Sage
* Taragon
* Thyme
Info from Organic Gardening

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