Thoughtful gift idea

Over the past few months I have been so lucky to shoot with the very talented photographer and plant enthusiast, Charlene Schreuder.

What I’ve learnt from the experience is that there is a secret tribe of women that love sharing their beloved plants in the form of cuttings and they can spot a fellow tribes-mate a mile away. It’s a bit like the mommies you see in the shopping malls giving each other a supportive nod as they pass each other with strollers.

On one of our shoots Charlene ended up with this beautiful box of cuttings from the home owner. Isn’t it just the loveliest gift idea ever!


Photography: Charlene Schreuder

I have since come to the conclusion that all those beautiful air plants I have been looking for don’t exist in nurseries but have been collected by this secret tribe. If one of you are reading this post please inbox me as I’d love to get a foot in the door!

Happy styling,


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