Watercolour Christmas – quick tricks and finishing touches

On the doorstep of Christmas I decided to share with you a few quick tricks and clever cheats that will trick your guests into believing you are the hostess with the mostess although you did it all in 5 minutes before they arrived.

Gorgeous garland two ways

These balls of fun are great to pick up a color scheme and draped over a chandelier they emphasize vertical lines. In doing so they extend the table and gives a much more well rounded and balanced picture.


String your garland on stair railings like we did to also extend the color palette from the table to the surrounding decor. It adds a element of festivity to the setting.


Christmas tree

Having a reclaimed Christmas tree is simply lovely. You can ‘plant’ a branch like this ‘garingboom’ and give it a white wash effect with a light coat of paint. It won’t last forever but will be beautiful for a few years. This tree has such a lovely South African flavor!


Remember to consider all elements like the pot you ‘plant’ the branch in. Cover it with fabric and tie it loosely with string. It ties the look together beautifully without a nasty plastic pot sticking out.


Starry starry drink

This is one of my fail proof tricks for welcome drinks. Simply drop a piece of chocolate (I love using Lindt but the star shape fits the festive season better) in a glass of champagne and serve to arriving guests. The bubbles will stick to the chocolate and it gets everyone in the mood for a lovely time.


You don’t have to use sparking wine. I have also done this trick with normal Appletizer and it worked like a charm.



Thank you so much for supporting our blog this year. We hope we have inspired you to try new things at home to truly make your home your own.

Have a fantastic festive season spent with loved ones and travel safe!


Happy Styling,



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