Welcome to TRENDS January!

And we’re back! After a wonderful sunny holiday the Homeology.co.za team is ready to show you what you need to keep an eye out for this year. We will be scouring the fashion pages and picking the brains of the analyzers and the who’s who in the design industry to bring you our compendium of TRENDS 2015.

Trends are interesting things: they indicate the way the world moves and can be spotted in anything from banking apps and the food we consume to holiday destinations.  Tracking them help us to understand global consciousness, the mood and morale of the world we live in. They can be global or they can be focused on a town or community. The most visible trends are those which influence the catwalks; fashion designers in turn are being influenced by the arts, economy and sometimes even politics – think of the fashions of the post-war 60’s.

Trends drive the economy and the design world alike. Our obsession over the last decade to share our every day with the world has lead to an almost immeasurable rise in social media users and bloggers for instance – a trend that had created a whole new industry and caused businesses to adjust the direction of their entire marketing strategy. Trend became norm.

There are currently more than 60 million websites hosted on WordPress alone. Over 409 million people view more than 17.8 billion blog pages each month. Users produce about 49.8 million new posts and 61.5 million new comments each month. (source)

But where does that leave the end user, the person being bombarded with all this information? Where does this leave you? No-one has time to go through everything, to sieve through the mountains of opinion and projects and inspiration.

The people in the know tell us that we should keep on writing our blogs (which we will) and produce more e-books (and we will be doing a lot of those this year!) it also feels right to start moving into a more defined space, a curated space. A destination where you not only get beautiful images to inspire you and project ideas to help you make that piece you have always wanted, but also the latest design news and trends as they happen.

So while we are putting together our take on things for the year to come, have a look at the Trend Guide that we put together in 2014  – we will be building on that.

Happy Monday and welcome back!








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